Hi! My name is Loraine. I am a Front-end Web Developer (and a little Back-end), Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Chess player and coach, and frustrated artist living in New York City. When I’m not working on any project, then probably I am playing Chess, sleeping, doing random stuff, or just enjoying my cup of coffee. 😀

I love designing websites and creating marketing and campaign materials. I am not too outgoing but I do have a broad interest which keeps me busy all day long, from computers to other random stuff like crafting, cooking, watching anime, cleaning, reselling, photography, playing piano or violin, tinkering with anything, online shopping, rearranging furniture, learning something new, reading NASA updates, and thinking what to do next.


University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2010 – 2014


USCF – Tournament Director


US Chess Federation


LinkedIn: lorainesalinas
Company: NYCA