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  • Co-founder/Admin at New York Chess Academy (present)
  • Marketing Affiliate at BestClass (present)
  • Tournament Director at NYChessKids (present)


  • Quality Assurance Manager at BestClass


  • Sales Specialist at All in the Cards
  • Web and Graphic Designer at Chess NYC


  • UI Developer at Mark InfoTech


  • Billing Representative at HostPapa


  • Sales Representative Intern at PLDT

I’m grateful they’ve trusted me!

I am really thankful to my previous employers for giving me their trust and opportunity to grow. I’ve learned a lot from them and gave me the most valuable experiences and motivations. Being noticed for a job well done is both gratifying and validating. Thanks so much for taking the time to notice the little things and always find a way to offer a compliment or a word of encouragement. Their sincere accolades make me feel like a valued member of their team, and for that I am grateful.

Technological Skills

Overall Skills and Other Relevant Experiences

I am a self-starter, always inclined to learn new technologies. Proven track record demonstrating innovative and unique designing skills, computer proficiency, ability to work in a stressful environment with projects and interaction with every team member, and possess good management and organizational skills.

Professional Skills
Working with Chess NYC and NYCA had given the opportunity to expand my bookkeeping knowledge. I was responsible for Payroll, Auditing, and other financial transactions.
Customer Service
Customer Service skill is necessary especially when working in the Sales and Marketing field. Though I have dealt with different types of customers, I would always prefer the communication through email (which is a little passive)
Data Analysis
No professional experience as of yet. Self-taught and I am working on getting more familiar with Google Analytics.
Graphic Design
This is one of the things I really enjoy doing. I have been doing Graphic Designs since 2010 – from my college years to current, whether professionally or for hobbies.
Taking up Computer Science provided me with the knowledge of different languages – Java, C, C++, PHP, COBOL, Assembly. However, professionally, I have practiced Front-end Development.
Project Management
Quality Assurance
Technical Writing
Web Design
Essential skills
I speak English and Filipino. (I am not good in public speaking though)
Detail Oriented
Natural keen eyes refined by experience.
I am flexible in different ways. I can work in different terms, shifts, and tasks. I have worked in the fields of web development, graphic designs, sales, operations, management, and education.
Problem Solving
I think Chess helped me improve my problem solving skills – analyzing all the possibilities, together with the pros and cons, to find the best solution.
Time Management
Having broad interests would be hard if you cannot manage your time. That being said, I always look for the best route and use my time wisely.
Work Ethic
I always aim for success, maintain quality, ensure high productivity, and keep a positive vibe towards everybody.

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